Tank Sizing:

Choosing the correct size well tank to fit your individual household needs is a critical process. Installing a well tank that is too small will increase pump cycles, which can reduce pump life, resulting in a costly repair or replacement.

Make sure you have a tank size suited to your current plumbing system. To select the minimum size tank, count the fixtures inside and outside your home, including showers, appliances, toilets, etc., and refer to the chart below:

There are no disadvantages to having a larger well tank. Larger tank sizes will reduce pump cycles – extending pump life and saving electricity. Larger tank sizes will also increase the water storage volume to provide more consistent pressure.


In-Line Tanks
Fixtures Tank Volume Water Worker Model
2 2 Gallon HT-2B
2 4 Gallon HT-4B
3 8 Gallon HT-8B



Horizontal Tanks
Fixtures Tank Volume Water Worker Model
2 6 Gallon HT-6HB
4 14 Gallon HT-14HB
6 20 Gallon HT-20HB



Vertical Sizing
Fixtures Tank Volume Water Worker Model
4 14 Gallons HT-14B
6 20 Gallons HT-20B
8 26 Gallons HT-30B
10 32 Gallons HT-32B
14 44 Gallons HT-44B
20 62 Gallons HT-62B
28 86 Gallons HT-86B
40 119 Gallons HT-119B