Tank Selection Guide:

If you are replacing your current well tank with a Water Worker tank, please refer to the chart below.


Inline Tank
Tank Volume 2 4-4 1/2 6-9
Water Worker® HT-2B HT-4B HT-8B
Challenger PJR6 PJR15 PJR25
Flo-Tec FP7105 FP7100
Goulds Hydro-Pro VP6 V15P V25P
H2 Pro PJR6 PJR15 PJR25
Mark Series CM1001 CM1002 CM1003
Red Lion RL2 RL4 RL8
Standard Galvanized 5 12 18
State Perma-Air PIL-2 PIL-5 PIL-7
WellMate WM-8L WM-18L WM-25L
Well-Rite PJR6 PJR15 PJR25


Horizontal Tank
Tank Volume 6 14 20
Water Worker® HT-6HB HT-14HB HT-20HB
Flo-Tec® FP7100h FP7110TH
H2Pro PJR-20s
PJR-44s PJR-66s
Perma-Air PADH-7 PADH-14 PADH-20
Pro-Source ps-6h ps-19h
Pump Mate SPMDH-7 SPMDH-14 SPMDH-20
Red Lion RL6h/RL8h RL14H RLP20H


Vertical Tank
Tank Volume 14-16 20 26 30-36 44 47-65 85-96 109-120
Water Worker® HT-14B HT-20B HT-30B HT-32B HT-44B HT-62B HT-86B HT119B
Challenger PC44 PC66 PC88 PC122 PC144 PC211 PC266 PC366
Con-Aire CA15 CA42 CA82T CA120 CA220
Flo-Tec FP7110 FP7120 FP7125 FP7130 FP7135
Goulds Hydro-Pro V45 V60 V80 V100 V140 V200 V250/V260 V350
H2 Pro WWT-14 WWT-20 WWT-25 WWT-35 WWT-45 WWT-65 WWT-85 WWT-120
Mark Series CM3001 CM4202 CM8003 CM10050 CM12051 CM17002 CM22050
Pro-Source/Plus PS30 PS42/PSP19 PS82/PSP32/PSP35 PS120 PS200/PSP50-PSP62 PS220/PSP85 PSP119
Red Lion RL14 RL20 RL33 RL44 RL62 RL81 RL119
Standard Galvanized 30 42 82 82 120 220 220 315
State Perma-Air PAD-14 PAD-20 PAD-31 PAD-36 PAD-52 PAD-86 PAD-119
WellMate WM-4 WM-6 WM-9 WM-14 WM-20 WM-25 WM-35
Well-Rite WR45 WR60 WR80 WR120 WR140 WR200 WR260 WR360